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Shepherds Pie & Mixed Vegatables 5.50
Chilli Con Carne with Rice (or Chips) and Salad 5.95
Lasagne Chips and Salad 5.50
Fish Chips & Peas (served with Lemon and Tartar sauce) 5.75
2 Sausages Mash Potatoes & Fried Onions Served with Gravy 4.25
Steak & Kidney Pie, Chips and Beans Served with Gravy 4.50


Sirloin Steak Chips and Mushrooms 8.50
Lamb Chops Boiled Potatoes and Cabbage 7.50
2 Pork Chops Mashed Potatoes and Mushrooms 6.25
Gammon Steak Egg Chips and a Slice of Pineapple 5.25
Cheese Omelette and Chips 4.95


Chicken Tikka Masala wih Rice (or Chips) and Salad 6.25
Chicken Escalope Chips and Salad 5.75
Roast Chicken Boiled Potatoes & Mixed Vegatables 5.50
Chicken & Mushroom Pie, Chips and Beans Served with Gravy 4.50


(4oz) Quarter Pounder Roll & Chips 3.95
(4oz) Chicken Burger Roll & Chips 3.95
(4oz) Vegetarian Burger Roll & Chips 3.95
(8oz) Beef Half Pounder & Chips 4.95

Add - Cheese, Fried Egg, or Bacon 50p each


Ham and Egg Salad 5.50
Chicken, Feta Cheese and Olive Salad 5.95
Seafood Salad (Prawn, Salmon & Special Tuna) 5.95


With Cheese and Beans 3.50
With Chicken and Mayonnaise 3.50
With Tuna Sweetcorn and Mayonnaise 3.50
With Chilli Con Carne 4.50
With Chicken Tikka Masala 4.95

Add Salad for an extra 1.30